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The Jewish-Arab Center
Established: 1972

Located in the north of the country where the majority of Israel's Palestinian community reside, the number of Arab students attending the University of Haifa has always been the highest of any university in Israel and today stands at 20 percent of the overall student body. The Jewish-Arab Center was established to help provide answers to the socio-academic needs of the University's Arab students and to contribute to the mutual understanding between Jews and Arabs on campus and in Israeli society at large.
Academic Head(s) Prof. Itzchak Weismann
Prof.  Faisal Azaiza
  Prof.  Freema Elbaz-Luwisch
  Dr.  Janana Faraj-Falah
  Prof.  Kais M. Firro
  Dr.  Ibrahim Geries
  Prof.  Motti Golani
  Dr.  Ofer Grosbard
  Dr.  Masud Hamdan
  Dr.  Takanori Hayao
  Prof.  Rachel Hertz-Lazarowitz
  Dr.  Devorah Kalekin-Fishman
  Dr.  Rassem Khamaisi
  Dr.  Uri Kupferschmidt
  Prof.  David Kushner
  Dr.  Ronit Matlon
  Prof.  Nitza Nachmias
  Prof.  Joseph Nevo
  Dr.  Ali Nohad
  Dr.  Bruria Schaedel
  Dr.  Tamar Shapira
  Prof.  Yitzhak Shichor
  Prof.  Sammy Smooha
  Prof.  Arnon Soffer
  Dr.  Marcelo Svirsky
  Prof.  Onn Winckler
  Dr.  Mahmoud Yazbak